“Moore’s music weds the native influences of the Pogues, Tom Waits, Waterboys and Basement Tapes-era Dylan to a head-full full of images and impressions that are singularly his own.  The songs range from epic tales, cutting takedowns and nostalgiac reveries – highly unusual.  Sticks in your head…..”

Hans Roffler, 2014

Bart Moore writes songs and plays Alternative Folk and Alternative Country music,  recorded in the back country of south-central Michigan. He wrote and recorded the songs on his latest CD, “Curse of Los Lunas,” which is for sale via links on this Web site. Los Lunas is a small town in New Mexico, in the middle of nowhere. Strange and grisly events occurred there over 130 years ago that have never been satisfactorily explained.

“Curse of Los Lunas” is the title track but it’s just one of the songs – if strange and grisly isn’t your thing, there are eight other ones. A couple are available as samples on other pages of this site. Hopefully you will enjoy them enough to procure the CD, which is available as physical disk or digital download, via the links below:

Bart Moore: Curse of Los Lunas
Bart Moore: Curse of Los Lunas



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