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 Below is a sample track off the CD,  Magritte (The Day That I Saw Glory).   Yours for nothing.

Key to the Fields

Key to the Fields

Magritte was to surrealist art what Soundgarden was to Seattle grunge music, an unparalleled fusion of talent and bizarre imagination that was unjustifiably supplanted by bigger names with lesser chops.  His acute skill is obvious even from  these small images of his paintings.  For a prototype cover for the CD, I wanted to feature Rene Magritte’s epic Empire of Lights, not pictured here, but an image that so fascinated him he repainted it maybe seven times during 1950-1954. The Artists Rights Society, an Orwellian “monitoring organization for visual artists” that was formed in 1987 and has appointed itself the Guardian of Art, had other ideas.

Companions of Fear

Companions of Fear

The aptly-named ARS told me that if I wanted to feature an image of Empire of Lights on my cover, I would have to pay an exorbitant initial fee as well as a royalty on each unit sold. The vast riches they would yield from this would go to Magritte’s estate and ostensibly to the bank accounts of Magritte descendants.

The backwards logic of this – choosing to view the broadcast of an artist’s work as an exploitation rather than a celebration (and free publicity?) reminds of the baseball team owners in the late 1940s and 1950s that opposed televising games.  The thought was this would cannibalize the gate receipts; in reality, it spread the popularity of the game by enabling millions of people in Marquette Michigan or Rabbit Corner North Carolina or Henning Tennessee, places that were light-years from major cities and stadiums, to see real-time professional baseball for the first time in their lives.  But I digress.

The cover image affixed on these pages, the luminous full lunar orb in a cloudless sky, worked out nicely (and speaks directly to at least two of the songs).  But I love that the original concept was rejected because it cost more than the moon and stars.

 ______________ Bart Moore, from a farm somewhere in Michigan, August 13, 2014


Magritte (The Day That I Saw Glory)


…and because you were good enough to read to the bottom of this screed, you get ANOTHER freebie:

Fly in the Ointment


That’s What I Really Call Night

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